Women in Hamilton are portrayed as lesser than men in Hamilton. While people like Alexander Hamilton were studying in college and contributing to the war, a woman like Angelica will not even think of doing the same because of the strict gender roles at the time. Women were seen as…

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The play Hamilton tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, a founding father of the United States who helped carve the beginnings of the country. The very first song of the play introduces who Alexander Hamilton is, and It is my favorite song of the play.

“Why a movie about Alexander…

Original Dialogue:

9. King Claudius, admitting to himself that his prayers are not heartfelt. (Hamlet)
“My words fly up, my thoughts remain below:
Words without thoughts never to heaven go.”

My Modern Interpretation:

Arriving at Herbert Hotel, I stepped inside the elevator. There was a sketchy feeling in my stomach, I knew something was wrong…

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A short story that I am interested in writing is one about a day in the life of my Weiner Dog. The story would be from his perspective and it will center around the park. The story is important because it illustrates the simplicity of life from a dog’s perspective. The characters will include me, my family, and random dogs at the park. The era would be set in the present day, and the setting would be my local park. The main message that my story will convey is to pay attention to the small nuances in life. It’s unfortunate when we’re so busy with work and we forget to notice the little things in life, so my hopes are that the short story will do just that.

Original Poem:

Response Poem:

Death is inevitable,

Death can’t be escaped,

We miss the deceased, they hold a special place.

This world is filled with blessings, too many to complete,

We can’t have it all, but that is okay.

Too many people die, although it’s a shame

The worst thing is when they fail to be happy.

Whether it’s traveling, spending time with family,

Hiking, gaming, working….

We must find joy, anyway we can

It’s true, we will all be forgotten one day,

Business, School, life, the world will go on

There’s no way to secure your fame forever

But the ones we show love to, the once we take good care,

Will never forget us,

They are all we have

This poem was inspired by an NPR news article about hurricane laura. In the news article, They kept referencing the damage occurring in the Louisiana area, especially the buildings. I wanted to illustrate the perspective of a house, so my concrete poem is shaped as a house. The article stated that the tops of houses would be consumed by hurricane Laura, so I mainly wrote about that, along with the destruction of the city.

Original Poem that inspired me:

Love Sonnet 18, William Shakespeare

My iteration:

May I compare you to our beloved sun?

Your presence feeds nature with its nutritious light

The freshening breeze in the summer day’s above

Feels warm compared to your breezy sight

At times the beaming wrath may feel overwhelming

Holding the emotions in starts to…

Sergio Rodriguez-Quiroz

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